My 9413 boy

After waiting for 38 weeks, Rachel woke up in the morning with the blood on the bed sheet. So she called her mum and she was advised to have a check in hospital. So I drove her to Gleneagles Intan hospital while applied leave from manager.

In the clinic of Dr Tan, we’re asked to do a ultrasound scan for baby in the room 304. Then Dr. advised us to go for a cesarean section as the placenta is quite low and the baby head is quite big (around 9cm), it might bleed a lot if baby was in normal. Then we discussed and agreed.

After we’ve completed the admission procedure, we’re brought to room 314, there Rachel get ready for cesarean section. At 1pm, the operation room is ready. I requested to accompany Rachel for the operation, it was agreed that I only can go in after operation started via another door and no photos allow to be taken before baby is delivered successfully. I also needed to change my cloths to operation room cloths (blue shirt and blue pants). When I entered into operation room (it’s room 4 and was 1:25pm), the operation was in progress and there was an incision on the abdomen. I sat down and hold her hand, she is aware as she was only numbed the lower part of body. After 5 minutes, doctor cut the uterus, blood and amniotic fluid splashed out. Finally the baby was pulled out and cried, doctor cut the umbilical cord and showed him to us, it was 1:30pm.

Baby was put aside for cleaning and injection. But the operation was not finished yet. Rachel has an operation 2 years ago on uterus, the passed operations had some uncleaned problem caused the intestines sticked together, so doctor had to take the intestines out and rearrange them. Meanwhile baby was cleaned and sent back to nursery room. I was asked to leave while doctor was done and doing stitching.

After changed back my cloths I return to the 314 room with my mother-in-law. After 10 minutes, Rachel was brought back to the room. She was look good, just a bit tired. We requested to see the baby but nurse said since the baby was just born, it’s still cold and not suitable to be seen at that moment. However the baby was taken to us when he was ready. A nurse was requested to guide Rachel how to breast feeding, and she tried but the baby seems prefer sleeping more than drinking milk. So we just took photos with baby. Rachel allowed to discharge from hospital at 6th September.

After 9:30pm when Rachel able to drink, I left hospital, since it is 4-person room, it’s not allow visiter including husband to overnight.

Here’s the story of my 9413 baby, borned at September 4th, 1:30pm (and been to many room 4). 9413 is not a good number for Chinese (九死一生), meaning nine die one live. But I think his life must be very fantastic, full with adventures, as for me, a flat life without challenges is bore and dull. 😀

 Our baby!

Photo album

-Baby was born with weight 3.52kg.
-Baby was born with hair and long finger nails. He has to wear hand glove so will not scratch his face.
-He likes to sleep and doesn’t like to drink milk.

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haha…. big boy! wat a day! congratulation! hv a happie family… and most important let him know wat is music ;p

Congratulations from afar fook ko and rachel, the baby boy is very cute, i blif he wil be able to rap and heavy metal at age 5 with your guidance!

Congrats again!

Congratulation!! Congratulation!! Ah Fook and Rachel~~
ur babe very kawaii yo!!! haha…
Yup!! let all of them train him become the Rocker N listen to Beyond song…Kakaka

cool~!!!!!!untill rarely people play bass.
fook mind to let me become is kai father so i will teach him how to play bass and bang like hell~!!!of coz must bold~!!! hahahah
anyway congrat to rachel and ah fook u both really great man~!!!!

Congratulations on your new born 🙂 so happy for you two !!!! He looks so cute, and has the potential to be one solid kid man … good havoc genes 😛

hi fook, was actually wan to email and ask u hows ur wife…anyway aft read this post already answer all my question….congratulation on your new arrival….very pinky boy…do take care well of him…happy for u both!

congrats to ah fook gor gor n rachel ^^ wish baby always healthy and the three of you happy always ^^ congrats ^^ 0.o by the way baby so cute!!

Excellent story of how it begun…. very entertaining
Expert in baby sitting yet??? Take lesson from your mom, dont be sneaky yahhh
big big gal alr….
Btw, a colleague of mine told me this website (as he saw my pix)
He praises your photography skill…..

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