Han Ler’s first lunar calendar birthday

24th August 2007 was 12th of seventh month in Chinese lunar calendar, as well as my son Han Ler’s lunar calendar’s birthday. We had a little dinner together to celebrate with him at Pizza Hut behind of Ampang Point.

Han Ler was naughty and hyper active as usual, couldn’t sit quietly… So made us very hard to celebrate with him, very hard for me to snap him too… -_-” He likes to look around and grab everything that he could reach, but at the same time was crying for sleep.

Han Ler’s first cake

Hope this little boy will keep his curiousity but with better patient as he grows.

Happy birthday 😉

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It is good he is active… means able to do more things… thanks god for this… appreciates it very much… I think I should have more patient rather then him… haha

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