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BERSIH Gathering 10th Nov

At 12pm, i went to Great Eastern Mall for lunch with my wife. From Ampang until Great Eastern Mall such a short distance along Jalan Ampang , there were already 2 police road blocks ready to stop people to go for the gathering.

After having lunch, my wife sent me to Jelatak LRT station so I can reach Dataran Merdeka with LRT. When I was out from LRT station at Masjid Jamek, the road was already blocked by Federal Reserved Unit (FRU). After meeting up Luke, I started to take photos.
Road block

FRU trucks were driving towards Dataran Merdeka. The people were cooperative enough to let the trucks passed by.

However, the trucks were turned back and then the water canon truck started to shoot the chemical-laced water to the crowd. It was 2:15pm, 45 minutes from the original stated gathering time.

Then the FRU started to clearing up the crowds

We ran across the street to OCBC building, initially I was thought that the water shot from the water canon just plain water, but when I crossed the street i felt my eyes were pain and tear started to come out, then only I realized the water was not just plain water. Luckly there was 1 pakcik kind enough for giving us salt to make us feel better.
Then it started to rain, there were still a lot of people standing in the rain waiting for instructions.

After a while the FRU started to shoot tear gas to us!

After the gas was gone, we walk towards to the FRU via LRT station, the station was closed down. Since we couldn’t get near Dataran Merdeka, we started to walk to the Palace

Then we reach the Jalan Istana

At that time, the memo was passed into Palace, the volunteers of Unit Amal PAS started to direct us away from Palace

The BERSIH girls

The police’s helicopters still watching us

Approaching Dataran Merdeka

Take photos with FRU

You can’t see this everyday!


This was the end of the gathering.
Thanks Luke accompany me for whole rally.

And thanks to Rachel for supporting me, and borrowing me her Sigma 18-200mm OS lens 😀


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Nice Pic.. thanks for sharing the photos.. wat a biggest rally in Malaysia, we had make history 😉

[…] 8. Masjid Jamek的大門打開,回教黨志工打頭陣,準備沖出來Video在 Masjid Jamek 第一枚催淚彈發射10. 被催淚彈嗆到的靚仔警察  11. FRU載來更多催淚彈12. 被抓人士留下的拖鞋及眼鏡13. 向回教黨志工拿面罩的旅客14. 大隊沖出Masjid Jamek15. 又來幾枚催淚彈,不知道有沒有嗆到自己人?  16 . 游行開始“You can’t write poems about the trees when the woods are FULL OF POLICEMEN” 17. 走向獨立廣場,企圖與Sogo的群眾會合18. 水炮車來了,注意圖里有一位灰色衣服的殘障人士,拿著拐杖的,他只有一條腿,兩年前BERSIH游行就靠著兩只拐杖一條腿走完全程,但今天我想他應該會被淋到濕透 BERSIH游行是的他19. 開始有人爬上橋逃跑,但似乎很多人仍懵然不知20. 水炮車開到我這邊來了,我當然跑啊,雖然一滴也沒射到我,但是也足以把我嗆得眼淚鼻涕流個不停,眼睛也打不開,流著淚跟著其他人跑進一間屋。 21. 還好有人派鹽,含在口里大概兩三分鐘就好了,不過皮膚卻很癢。一滴都沒射到我都讓我睜不開眼睛,其他淋雨的就更慘了。(這時我發現整間屋就只有我一個華人)22. 休息了后,我就隨著大家走出來,然后他們在路中間祈禱。在他們還未祈禱完畢,兩邊都來了警察,我只顧著逃命,相片也沒拍了  23. 跑回中央藝術坊與幾位剛到朋友會合后,GMI的負責人就宣布集會結束了。好累,比起BERSIH的集會,今天的很刺激,也跑的比較多。雖然大多數時候只有我一個華人,不過馬來同胞還蠻照顧我的 […]

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