BERSIH Gathering 10th Nov

At 12pm, i went to Great Eastern Mall for lunch with my wife. From Ampang until Great Eastern Mall such a short distance along Jalan Ampang , there were already 2 police road blocks ready to stop people to go for the gathering.

After having lunch, my wife sent me to Jelatak LRT station so I can reach Dataran Merdeka with LRT. When I was out from LRT station at Masjid Jamek, the road was already blocked by Federal Reserved Unit (FRU). After meeting up Luke, I started to take photos.
Road block

FRU trucks were driving towards Dataran Merdeka. The people were cooperative enough to let the trucks passed by.

However, the trucks were turned back and then the water canon truck started to shoot the chemical-laced water to the crowd. It was 2:15pm, 45 minutes from the original stated gathering time.

Then the FRU started to clearing up the crowds

We ran across the street to OCBC building, initially I was thought that the water shot from the water canon just plain water, but when I crossed the street i felt my eyes were pain and tear started to come out, then only I realized the water was not just plain water. Luckly there was 1 pakcik kind enough for giving us salt to make us feel better.
Then it started to rain, there were still a lot of people standing in the rain waiting for instructions.

After a while the FRU started to shoot tear gas to us!

After the gas was gone, we walk towards to the FRU via LRT station, the station was closed down. Since we couldn’t get near Dataran Merdeka, we started to walk to the Palace

Then we reach the Jalan Istana

At that time, the memo was passed into Palace, the volunteers of Unit Amal PAS started to direct us away from Palace

The BERSIH girls

The police’s helicopters still watching us

Approaching Dataran Merdeka

Take photos with FRU

You can’t see this everyday!


This was the end of the gathering.
Thanks Luke accompany me for whole rally.

And thanks to Rachel for supporting me, and borrowing me her Sigma 18-200mm OS lens 😀


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  1. Nice Pic.. thanks for sharing the photos.. wat a biggest rally in Malaysia, we had make history 😉

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