Happy Birthday, Han Ler

Happy birthday,
Han Ler, my son,
wish you have a wonderful day,
with your new pair of Converse,
bought by mummy.

I am sorry,
Han Ler, my son,
I am far far away from you,
with the important mission,
for better future.

I feel happy that,
you have grown,
healthy and happy,
I thank God for that,
although I don’t have a religion.

I feel unhappy that,
I couldn’t be with you,
in this important day,
after all,
everyone has 2-year-old birthday only for once.

Happy birthday,
Han Ler, my son,
wish you have a great year ahead,
a healthy one, a happy one.

Han Ler (at right) with his cousins during his birthday celebration last weekend. Thanks Rachel for sending me this precious photo.

6 replies on “Happy Birthday, Han Ler”

Everyday I will asked him :”daddy leh?” or “ahfook leh?”… then I will tell him “daddy zuo gong (work), will be back soon”

Don’t worry, your son will not forget you… because I remind him everyday… huhuhu!!

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