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River Jungle Marathon 2012: Race Report

During Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012, I was impressed by the determination of the last batch runners on not giving up the race even with injury and hot weather, also the supporters & photographers who stayed back to cheer the last runners. So at the River Jungle Marathon, I decided to support the last batch…


Blog with Brooks Orientation

I was invited by Mr Manson Chew to attend Brooks Malaysia’s “Blog with Brooks” campaign launching orientation last weekend, together with other fellow runners cum bloggers, at Brooks outlet in The Curve. This campaign is to gather the runners cum bloggers help to promote their products in Malaysia. Since I am a barefoot/minimalist runner, I…


It’s been one year

It’s been one year since my first running race event – Nike City 10K We Run KL 10-10-10. It was all begun at early of September 2010, my colleague Keong was asking me whether I was interested joining a race organized by Nike (It was actually organized by HiVelocity), without any doubt, I told him…

Current Affairs

Tattoo Before 30 Years Old

3 days before my 30th birthday, I went to have my second tattoo that I always wanted to do. It was 4 years after my first tattoo. This time I did a Polynesian tattoo at my left leg. Rachel and I planned to do it at same day however my tattoo was too complicated and…


Setup virtual directory on Apache in Windows XP

Years ago, I developed PHP in Windows using IIS (Internet Information Services) as web server. I had no problem to setup virtual directories under IIS because I could just right click the web server and click Add Virtual Directory. However now I am using Apache in Windows XP, I need to configure the virtual directory…

Current Affairs

Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela

Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela, thanks for your efforts to end the apartheid in South Africa, you have shown that is possible to have racial equality. It’s a difficult process and a lot to be sacrificed, I understand it because in Malaysia also have problem of racial discrimination, especially from some politic parties. 18th July is…

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