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Police – Our Public Servant?

Police is a professional occupation, they receive salary from the tax money that paid by every single people in a country, to protect the civilians and fight with the crime. So in many countries, police are called ‘public servant’.

However, this is not quite applicable in Malaysia. With the high crime rate in Malaysia, our Royal Malaysian Police seems can’t do much with it, and their effieciency is greatly in doubt. But when come to help UMNO to arresting the people against UMNO, they are unbelievable efficient and effective. This could be seen in previous demonstrations, demonstrations that not affecting UMNO’s ruling were not disturbed but demonstrations called by Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance, the opposition) were normally cracked down brutally.

Amran was bleeding after brutally injured by police, 28th May 2006

Amran was bleeding after brutally injured by police, 28th May 2006 (Pic by Merdeka Review)

Today, 7th May 2009, the 1 Black Malaysia day, our police force had done a mass arrest at Perak, most of them are innocent. Some folks who passed by that area that not involved in the gathering also being arrested, there were total of 64 people (including 4 Members of Parliament and 5 State Assembly representatives from Pakatan Rakyat) arrested. Before today, the police has arrested few people including civil society activist Wong Chin Huat. All of them might against the laws and rules (set by Barisan Nasional), but what they did do not affect the security of country as what done by rapists, killers, snatchers where exist at all around Malaysia!

Arrest of 7th May 2009 (Photo by The Nut Graph)

Arrest of 7th May 2009 (Photo by The Nut Graph)

The situation is even uglier in the assembly hall. Speaker of PR, Sivakumar was dragged out by police officers in the chaotic assembly sitting today, then Barisan Nasional’s unofficial speaker Ganesan was installed by assistant of police officers too.

Sivakumar dragged away by police

Sivakumar dragged away by police (Pic courtesy of Sinar Harian)

This has made the people more upset after the illegal take-over of Perak government led by new Prime Minister Najib Razak. Perhaps today’s event is another coffin nail of the death of Barisan Nasional. Since our Royal Malaysian Police likes to help UMNO so much, why don’t they change name become Royal UMNO Police?

Polis Diraja UMNO

Polis Diraja UMNO

Do you still remember?

2008-03-08, we have created history of Malaysia, and kicked UMNO’s ass.

ISA – What the fuck?!!

Although I am busy working until not enough time to sleep, but I still want to write this post to express my dulan-ness.

What the fuck?!! Barisan Nasional government has detained 3 people with the notorious Internal Security Act (ISA), they are Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng and Teresa Kok.

ISA, such an out-dated and non-humanity law that still exists in Malaysia, and used to apply on the people that the Barisan Nasional government thinks threaten their ruling but not on the people that making racist statements.

Barisan Nasional seems never learnt anything from the 8th March General Election and Permatang Pauh By-Election. They didn’t try to improve themselves to rule this country better but keep playing dirty tricks around. Now Anwar Ibrahim already won the by-election and the date 16th September is getting closer, Barisan Nasional are like a dog being chased and beaten hardly, until the corner of walls, fighting with the last strength, fiercely but ugly.

More and more disappointments among the people, by the dirty tricks and brainless talks by the Barisan Nasional leaders, and now the people are angry, really hope Anwar Ibrahim could kick their asses.

Picture from Mob’s Crib

Now everyone please stay calm, just peaceful resistance, not to give chance to Barisan Nasional to detain more people under this stupid ISA.


Sohai driver

Got this from my classmate Jasmine in forward mail, anyone knows this sohai who occupied 2 handicap parking spaces? Where is the brain of the sohai? So ignorant… Shame shame shame…