DTD Music fest Tickets

I am helping Dong Tai Du to sell their music festival tickets. Tickets selling at RM25 (pre sale price). RM25 is not only for entrance fee, it also comes with LoFry magazine issue #2, included a CD and sticker. I am based on Ampang at night and weekend, while KLCC area at weekday day time….

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Dong Tai Du photography session

I am glad that invited by Ah Tat to join the Dong Tai Du photography session last Sunday, I have a great chance to snap with SengKit, Ricky and Sui Gor. There were around 30 musicians took part in the session, to demonstrate the action and spirit of Dong Tai Du (动态度). Each of them…


DTD Fest

DTD (DongTaiDu 动态度) Fest is a musical festival that featuring rock music, electronical, and a creative market, organized by Nao’s leader Ah Tatt. Come join the one of the interesting indie musical festivals in Malaysia. Details:- Date: May 3 2008 (Saturday) Time: 1pm – 7pm Venue: Central Market, The Annexe (KL) Entrance fees: RM25 (pre…


MC Hotdog – Wake Up

Yesterday my colleague Jesmond was back from Taiwan, bringing me MC Hotdog’s CD “Wake Up”, which is very rare in Malaysia. Thanks Jesmond!! 😀


Music Reunion Gig 5

New year count down, seems like an activity for youngsters and not for an uncle like me, that fed up with traffic jams and over crowded. However, I’ve attended a count down party yesterday, Music Reunion Gig 5. It was held at Cheras Kaki Corner which I thought I could avoid from traffic jam and…


Music Reunion gig 5 – 2008 New Year countdown party

Music Reunion Gig is back, for the fifth time. This time the gig is a little bit different with previous gigs, this time the main music theme is not only rock music, but also electronica too. As usual, this gig is organized by NAO, supported by Soundscape Records. Here are little information for the gig: Date:…

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