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Beyond KL fans dinner + karaoke gathering

It’s been long time since last Beyond fans gathering at Oct 2005 when Beyond had their last concert over there, and I seldom attend to gatherings since I was a father. Finally we had a little gathering yesterday since our big sister Amelia able to come far from Johor Baru and Angie back from Singapore…


Street Roar 2006

Went to Street Roar 2006 last Saturday, one of the biggest Chinese Indie music gigs in Malaysia. Cool musicians from Asia, nice stuffs in flea market, Woodstock-like field with mud, happending crowds too. Went with my gang, and of coz my dear Rachel too. Something stupid happened… I’ve left my car key in my car…


Beyond The Story Live 2005 in Singapore

Just went to Singapore to watch Beyond live in concert last weekend. Some said this will be the last concert since the concert in Malaysia is not confirmed yet. Beside watching Beyond, this can be considered as a short trip to Singapore. I’ve arrived at the Pudu Raya with Ten, met Siew Ting and her…


Newcom Gig

Last night went to Newcom again, this time is a gig organized by Soundwall. Met some friends there, including new fren Ken, the handsome bassist on Met Mercury, hehe… . Cool performance from Uglymen, thanks for the head banging session, and thanks to Ten, Beh, Tat, Hong, Jimmy, Nao bassist and folks from Citizen of…


Soundcape Band Competition – Final

Yeah, it’s another blog about rock show… haha… too much of it? xp Last night went for Soundscape Band Competition Final. Went with my colleague Kok Tong and his friend Siang, and of course my gang of fellows. There were 9 bands competed last night, top 3 bands from each state Penang, KL and Melacca….


The Band Sound #1

Last Saturday went to Halo Cafe at South City Plaza to watch a gig ‘The Band Sound #1’, 4 bands were playing: Soundwall, Met Mercury, Malito and Uglymen. A lot of rock music lovers attent to the gig. However everybody jus sat and watch the performance. The show was getting hot while Uglymen playing coz…

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