Music Reunion Gig III – Mumster last show

Attending gig is a wonderful thing, especially attending a gig with Mumster. However this wonderful thing ended yesterday in 'Music Reunion Gig III', because Mumster is officially disbanded after the show. It's a gig that reunion the Chinese independant bands and have a 'gathering gig', so there were number of bands performed, however I reach quite late, when I entered the hall, Euseng was...

Beautiful Junk

Came back from Penang yesterday, went to art event Beautiful Junk with Soundscape bands Nao, Citizen of Icecream and Mumster. It was a fun trip, ate a lot and walked a lot in Penang, so tiring. Show was good, met Uglymen from Penang, and a friend Kenny from Penang too. After leaving Penang stopped at Ipoh and tried Ipoh chicken rice and tau geh, taste very good.