Protes Sejuta Rakyat Turun

Just back the people's gathering organized by Protest. Named "Protes Sejuta Rakyat Turun", the name kinda weird :-S Well this gathering was held to protest the petrol price hike which brings a lot of big problems to Malaysian. Last few days road blocks were set up by police everywhere in Klang Valley. To avoid traffic jam and save petrol fuel, I took LRT to Kalana Jaya LRT station. From there I...

18 years after Tiananmen Square protests

Today is 4th of June, 18 years ago at Beijing there was a massacre happened after 2 weeks of protest at Tian An Men Square. History already happened and we can do nothing for it except learning from it then prevent it happens again. Here I would like to share a video gives impact to the world, the Tank Man.