TV Shows

Childhood Favorite American TV Shows

My favorite childhood American TV shows around 1980’s. Airwolf Knight Rider The A-Team MacGyver

Current Affairs

Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela

Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela, thanks for your efforts to end the apartheid in South Africa, you have shown that is possible to have racial equality. It’s a difficult process and a lot to be sacrificed, I understand it because in Malaysia also have problem of racial discrimination, especially from some politic parties. 18th July is…


Dong Tai Du 2 Promo Video

One year after Dong Tai Du music fest (动态度音乐节), now comes the BIGGER 2nd Dong Tai Du music fest, with more bands, more creative stalls, more stages and more creative promo video (for first Dong Tai Du promo video, click here)! Here is the promo video for the 2nd Dong Tai Du music fest. The…

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