Jobless day

Friday morning I woke up early, drove my car to KLCC to observe the road condition, preparing for future in case need to drive for work, for how much time i needed for travelling. After that try to look for parkings around there to see any alternative beside KLCC parking.
Anyhow, whole observation ended at 9am something, and I had a lunch appoinment at Jalan Ipoh with my ex-colleagues around 12pm, that’s mean I have 3 hours free time to be spent outside (go home and out again will spend more petrol). So I decided to go some place that I never went before, after wandering for some time, I finally found Lake Gardens and drove in and at last stopped and the Bird Park.P7010001 Thought of went in to take some photos and for toilet, but the entrance fee gave me a shock, it’s quite expensive for me that day, so just took a photo outside of the park and then just left.

After that I discovered another interesting place on the road sign to visit – National Monument. However, the road had changed but the road sign didn’t update, I reach National Monument after turning around for few rounds in Lake Gardens.
P7010022The National Monument was a place I knew since childhood from old one ringgit bank note, however I just never been there even I’ve live for more than 25 years in KL 🙂
This Sculpture was built at 1966 by Felix de Weldon, for fallen heroes who gave their lives during World War II and the Emergency
There were a lot of tourists from Japan and Indonesia came in group, and I was alone there taking photos and joining them listened story from tour guide, haha act like a tourist… :p

P7010040P7010041After spending some time drove aimlessly around KL and Jalan Ipoh, finally met my ex-colleague and had lunch with them. 🙂

They having lunch in 2 shifts, so jus took photos with Wai Ching and Evelyn that I more familiar with in shift 1.

The story is not ended yet, hehe…
P7020136P7020139At night went to Bangkok Jazz with friends. We’re invited by a long lost friend Kexin, yeah never seen her for more than a year. Had fun at there discussing some plans. However no jazz music that night as the theme of the night was retro, anyway those 70’s classics still gave us a fun time too.

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