Music Reunion Gig III – Mumster last show

Attending gig is a wonderful thing, especially attending a gig with Mumster. However this wonderful thing ended yesterday in ‘Music Reunion Gig III’, because Mumster is officially disbanded after the show.
It’s a gig that reunion the Chinese independant bands and have a ‘gathering gig’, so there were number of bands performed, however I reach quite late, when I entered the hall, Euseng was playing. Euseng indeed is cool musician, his songs are indeed good. I’ve heard a lot reviews of him with positive points, and everything was confirmed last night: I’ve listened to a talented musician playing awesome songs.
After that was Zeolot Bulletin. Their well-known song ‘Why Vote for Idiots?’ brought the heat to the hall, people starting pogo and head banging with this anti-“lazy money-making politicians” song.
However the heat was being halted for a while when Citizen of Icecream was playing. Their music isn’t bad, just they plays post-rock, the way to enjoy their music is sit dwon and listen using open heart.
At last, of course was Mumster. Once Mumster came out, they brought up the heat again. Being active in independent scene for 5 years equipped them well with experience on how to do that. Everybody was crazy on the stage and under-stage. Head banging and pogo around. May be their music were too heavy, the mic was out at the third song, so they had to reduce the number of song performing from 5 to 4 songs. The last song was performed without mic, however they had the song sang with the fans, it’s a very interesting thing for a underground band, especially for a nu-metal band had their song sang by fans, everybody shouted like hell, and last part of the song some fans and I hopped up to the stage and jumped + shouted with Mumster, this make me remember what my friend vava used to say: “In Hong Kong Kinglychee has fans sing on stage, in Malaysia we have Mumster”.
Every fun time has a end time, although this performance was so crazy, although fans had not enough, although Mumster wish to sing more in last gig… The gig still need to be ended because of the technical problem, and everything was all ended…
This was tiring but fun gig, can say is one of the craziest gigs I ever attend. Thanks for organizer Nao and Soundscape, thanks to bands performed, thanks to Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, thanks to independant music lovers, and last but least thanks to Mumster brought so much of wonderful and distinct music experience to us.
Photos of Citizen of Icecream:

Photos of Mumster:


I didn’t snap the craziest part cause I was part of the craziest fans jumping around. Will post more in Photo Album once I receive photos from my fellows.


  1. Aiyoh…i really missed it. Sounds and looks so fun 2me. Regret whole life de from now on. Hey, u guyz got record everything down? If got, lain kali boleh bagi saya ah? Really wana see u guyz jam on stage lah.

  2. Yeah we got taped it down in video, now is under processing and hope can get the VCD in next few days. Then may be can mail to you or what. Keep In Touch dude… 😉

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