Mystery in LRT Station

Today stayed back a while in office, then left office around 7.45pm. When I reached LRT station, there was packed with people, seems like there was something happened to the LRT system. Even two trains were passed but whole station still crowded. So I’ve decided to go opposite to take the train to earlier station Ampang Park so that can get in to the train. 10 minutes later when I back to KLCC station again, I was ready for big crowd of people that will flood into the train. Surprisingly… the number of people in whole KLCC station waiting for my train has not more than 20 people!! Where have all those people gone in 10 minutes? ???@_@???


  1. haha..fook sooner or later u will get use to this kind of situation.when the station too crowded..they will empty one of the train for this station..enjoy dude!!

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