Soundcape Band Competition – KL area

Yesterday night went to Channel Dance Club (Previously known as WARP Dance Club) for Soundscape band competition of KL Area. The 3 best bands of the night will elegible to take part in the final where will be held at 20th August.
There 6 bands took part last night, they were Slap, Met Mercury, Dream Machine, Zhang Wang (King of Funeral?), Deng Deng (Wait Wait) and Lang (Wave). They played very well and did make the audience enjoy of their music. Too bad my fellows were stucked in the jam only can reach when the last band Lang was playing. However they had fun while the prize given ceremony.




  1. eh eh girl i reached before the show started ler, haha… i mean my fellows late, not me le, 😛
    Nevermind la, still got chance… btw the gig next week starting at 4pm, see you can make it or not 🙂

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