Soundcape Band Competition – Final

Yeah, it’s another blog about rock show… haha… too much of it? xp
Last night went for Soundscape Band Competition Final. Went with my colleague Kok Tong and his friend Siang, and of course my gang of fellows.
There were 9 bands competed last night, top 3 bands from each state Penang, KL and Melacca. Competition took place at Channel Dance Club which previously known as Warp. Although it was scheduled to start at 8pm but the competition started at around 8:30pm

The competition was started with Dian Bang (Electronic Stick). They are a band of 2, playing music with PCs and guitars which is quite new in local scene. The electronic stuffs they played were quite new too. But the lengthy time taken to set up was already made the whole competition become a little bit cold due to the technical problem on the P.A. systems.

The second band, Dream Machine, a band from Sarawak, their nu-metal tracks quickly brought the heat up to the Club. Very good show from them. Although there were problems on guitar amp (anyway the P.A. system giving problems all night long, a lot of technical problems happened and lot’s of time was wasted)


Grey Area, a band from Penang.


Beginner, from KL, skillfull band


Sensitive Spot, from Malacca


White Light, the champion of the Penang area. Playing post rock. Their post rock is powerful, they were really qualified for champion of Penang area, enjoyed their music.

Next was the Citizen of Icecream, another band with full of experience playing post rock in local scene. They taken long time to set up as well, and the P.A. system kept on giving them lot’s of technical problems.

Slap is another band from Sarawak competed yesterday.
They have few years of experience in performing, skillful and experienced.


Finally it’s the turn of the most-awaiting band of the night ‘Deng Deng’ (Wait For A While). This newly formed hardcore-punk band was the band brought up the only pogo session in the competition. However the fun time of pogo was so short coz we were stopped by bouncers and security staffs on Chanel Dance Club.

Next was the guest performing session by Hong Kong indie pop queen The Pancakes, a telented musician. Her song “Gum Gum Gum” appeared in movie ‘McDull, Price de la Bun’ has won the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards “Best Original Film Song” year 2004. What really impressed me is, according to Silent Keat, one of the competition staffs, she is friendly, polite and easy going. This is really different from other HK stars.

Last was the prize giving time. The Most Experimental Award was given
to Citizen of Icecream. 2nd Runner Up to White Light, First Runner Up
to Dream Machine, and the champion went to Deng Deng as expected most
of the audience.


Finally finished this blog after working for 2 hours non stop, Friendster blog editor is killing me >_< the positioning of photos is so difficult!


  1. The competition rocks!!

    I like all of the bands espeacially SLAP & Dream Machine.

    ah fook ko, what a detail comprehensive review u got here. U can write for music magazine liao..hohoho thanks a lot for your time and effort on sharing the event here.

    see ye on 28th New Com!

  2. Haha, thanks brother. Stil got a lot to learn la, if u read twice u will find out my vocabulary is quite limited. :p

  3. great effort dude! so many pics… gotta watch out for these new bands. i reli hate myself missing this competition.

  4. great effort dude! so many pics… gotta watch out for these new bands. i reli hate myself missing this competition.

  5. #Suilin: Hi, nevermind la, you’re still young, still have lot’s of chance in future 😉
    #Michael: mm? pretty girls ar? haha… err… ok, next time I try to take some le, haha…

  6. veli good…next time i can save my time to go for those gigs or competitions bcos ah fook will be our reporter & photographer..kaaa

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