Newcom Gig

Last night went to Newcom again, this time is a gig organized by Soundwall. Met some friends there, including new fren Ken, the handsome bassist on Met Mercury, hehe… . Cool performance from Uglymen, thanks for the head banging session, and thanks to Ten, Beh, Tat, Hong, Jimmy, Nao bassist and folks from Citizen of Icecream on head banging and pogo together, had fun on it 😉


  1. yaya.. nice nice show, maybe we can headbang in Beyond Story Live soon..haha

    i love Nao and ah tat, they kick ass man… the RM3 Nao demo is very worth, nice, powerful, aggresive and uniquely special… i think ah tat shud sell at RM30 for the 3 songs.

    well worth it.

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