Shopping finally

Have been one month never post a blog… This month was so busy, finishing freelance projects, took MCP exam, company had system test before launching, KLCC fire drill…

And finally today have time to go wandering in Mid Valley and Sg Wang. Bought 2 valueable things that light up my day: Beyond The Story Live 2005 DVD and Feel 100% vol. 15.

The DVD has poster, postcards inside, and good packaging too.

The Feel 100% comic, a comic that I’ve read since more than 10 years ago, the author’s work no doubt is clean and nice, but the speed is too slow, alomost one volumn per year. This new volumn is not disappointed as usual, still full of phylosophy theories and funny ideas, plus beautiful art works too. It’s gonna be end at next volumn (should be pulbished in next year…) Strange feeling that a comic that accompany me passed thru secondary school life, college life and working life is going to end soon…P9250021_1 P9250026

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