Painful sweet day

Waited for years, yesterday finally accomplished my wish – getting a tattoo… And the great thing is… I did it with my love one, Rachel… 🙂

Location was Borneo Ink in Desa Hartamas, by the tattoo artist Eddie. I was quite nervous and anxious, luckly Rachel was with me comfort me and calm me down. The tattoo design I found on Google image search, and requested Eddie to simplify it. Eddie is indeed good and able to scatch out a good design to fit on my right arm. So after some professional preparation and explainantion (important!), Eddie started to scatch the design on my arm, after I confirmed ok, he started the tattoo process by drawing the outline.

It was quite pain (imagine a needle sting on your skin thousand times per second), especially spots on the bone area (I should be get fat before getting tattoo). Luckly Rachel’s grip was greatly reduced the pain. It was cold too because it was raining and the aircond kept on blowing cold wind, I was once worry will sneeze and destroy the tattoo…

Anyway the pain was too deep, and I’ve requested for a break after an hour and had a cigarette to relief the pain and tension. After that the tattoo was continue and finished in around 45 minutes time, including applying ointment and protection.

Next was my dear Rachel’s turn. She wanted to extend her Candy Lo’s tattoo to a totally different desgin and make it darker. Briliant Eddie just sketched on her arm and then a cooler design was came out in minutes. After confirmed by Rachel, Eddie started his second round of tattoo. Rachel’s extension took shorter time, but her pain was great too. (She told me that previous tattoo wasn’t as pain as this time).

After ointment and protection, Eddie has given us lot’s of advice on maitain the tattoos. My tattoo cost me RM450 and Rachel’s extension just RM150.

Here are some tips on tattoo:
– Make sure the tattoo artist is qualified and certified.
– Make sure the equipment is new and unused, old equipment should be sterilized.
– Follow and obey the instructions of tattoo artist.
– Keep breathing, relax and don’t fight the pain with your muscle.
– Call for break if feel dizzy and can’t stand the pain, cold water is good to calm down.
– Bring your loved one, their encouragement and grip are the best pain killer. Thanks to my dear Rachel accompany me in that hard time, extremly pain on my arm but wonderfully sweet in my heart… 🙂


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