Yesterday when I went to meet my dear in Ampang, I was turned in from MRR2 into the main road heading to Dagang, suddenly a motor jus turned out from the right junction and cross in front of me, i was able to break my my car and gave the motor a long horn. However the motorist lost his balance due to panic and fall down. I stopped my car aside and saw the passenger of the motor took his helmet and seems like want to hit my car with his helmet but he didn’t do that. Those were 2 drunken Indian men, old father and son. There was a kancil stopped behind of me and then 3 Indian men get down from the car. They approached and asked about the situation. The 2 motorists were still yelling around and asked RM50 from me for compensation.

I was explained to those Indian guys, I was came straight and the motor just drove out fast from the right junction without stopped and observed both sides, not possible for me to pay him compensation. Those guys also agree with me, and told the motorists it’s their fault. The motorists saw I am not paying the compensation and yelled to make police report, those Indian guys also adviced me to make police report. So after picking up my dear, we just went to Ampang traffic police station to make police report.

When I reached there, the drunken motorists already told the police their own version of story at the police station gate. Then the policeman asked me into office and asked about my story. I’ve just told them the real story, and the policeman said that the motorists claimed that I hit them. So I brought the policeman and showed him my car which has no scratch at all. The policemen knew that it was the Indian motorists’ fault too, and created false story, and asked them to leave the police station, else will charge them for drunken driving. However the old Indian still insist to make police report at second day and then left the police station.

I was glad that Rachel recommended me to make police report, if not the policemen might believe to the drunken old man and send me a summon. And Rachel told me that one of her friends also met this kind of situation, her friend paid for the compensation, but still receiving a summon and called to court. Because the motorist accepted the compensation but still went to make police report and charged her friend to the court.

So beware my friends, if you think you are right, just go and make a police report, waste little time on making police report better than waste more time in the court.


  1. You forgot to put the 1st sentence the police said after u told him the real story.

    He said “Ini indian nak kena sepah ni!!”

    I was laughing there.

  2. phew…

    luckily u were not harmed, crazy drunken guys could really smash you up if not your car. But think back, i oso kena situation like this before.

    about 3 years back (when i was still a reporter at china press)i oso involved in very minor accident, but the idiot was a malay, not indian, and many malays stoopped by to watch and supported the at-fault malay motorist who rammed by car. I told them i am a reporter and if they want, i can make police report and later high light the thing in newspaper.

    at the end i have to pay oso about rm20 to that malay idiot as they were too many malays around, u might not know what those nutz will do to do, better pay and go…

    to me, ah fook ko, next time if you knock some one or some one knock you, and coincidently you are in a malay kampung or populated place, …

    juz hit and run, that’s the cruel fact in malaysia, no matter you are right or wrong, they will smash you up too

    amitabha fook ko…

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on your coming BIG day!!!!!

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