Sad case

Chee_gaik_yap Chee Gaik Yap, 25, newly graduated from UUM, from Sg Petani, was raped and murdered last Saturday. This is one of the raped and murdered cases that happened frequently recently in Malaysia.

What have happened to Malaysia? We were once proud with our best infrastructures around the World. However, our mind and culcture here still worse than many other 3rd world countries. Government staffs and officers just know how to earn money and give us bad services (head of MCA always disappear when citizen asking for help) and terrible facilities (cracked MRR2 bridges, hospitals with bacterias, toll plazas…), plays with dirty political tricks too (phantom members of MCA – phantom voters in election). Our Deputy Information Minister Donald Lim Siang Chai even asked media not to report so much criminal news so that it not affect the image of the country. What the FUCK is this little uncle thinking? Hide all the problems in the carpet so that Government can be forgiven on all the bad things happened in Malaysia? I think we should reveal all the news and let whole world know what is happening here, this will pressure the government and police department to make sure we are safe, hiding the problem jus only will make Malaysia a worse place to stay!

Now is the problem of police department. Salary of policemen is low, not many people interested to join police force while existing policemen, most of them, just know how to get involve in corruptions (described as licensed robbers) and lack of capability in fight with crime.

As normal citizen, all we can do is only take care ourselve, help each other and pray hard not be target of those uneducated creatures.

Is it the time to change government? Pls fully utilize your vote in coming election! Afterall we don have many excellent University graduates like Chee Gaik Yap to lose!


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