Scene 1
Location: Receiption of Medi Pro Clinic
Time: 1330
Rachel: Wanna register to see doctor
Nurse: OK, 2 more patients to go
Rachel: Alright
(15 minutes later)
Nurse: Rachel, your turn now
Rachel: Thanks

Scene 2
Location: Doctor Room of MediPro Clinic
Time: 1345
(Went in with Jason)
Doctor: Yes what can I help you?
Rachel: Wanna do pregnancy check
Doctor: Oh… late?
Rachel: Yes
Doctor: Ok you go out and get the bottle and then fill in your urine
Rachel: OK
Jason: (looked and at doctor with confused eyes) Should I sit here and wait or…?
Doctor: You may sit here or follow her ๐Ÿ™‚
Jason: Ok I’ll follow her
(Both laugh and went out)

Scene 3
Location: Receiption of Medi Pro Clinic
Time: 1350
Rachel: Ops I jus went to toilet jus now
Jason: Hm try to drink some water
Rachel: It’s ok I try to make it
(10 minutes later)
Rachel: Here is the urine, but only little…
Nurse: Err…
Doctor: (went out from behind) Yeah that will do…
JR: OK ๐Ÿ™‚
(5 minutes later)
Nurse: Rachel, you may go in now
Rachel: Thanks

Scene 4
Location: Doctor Room of MediPro Clinic
Time: 1405
(Rachel went in with Jason)
Rachel: (looked at doctor) So…?
Doctor: It’s positive
JR: Oh… positive… :O
Doctor: When was the last period?
Rachel: Er… :p
Jason: 10th of December
Doctor: Ok, 10th of December, then the baby should delivered around 15th of September
JR: Oh ok
Jason: (thinking… “hmm…15th September, Virgo…”)
Doctor: In this period, don’t carry heavy things, eat more vegetables and fresh fruits, no heavy exercise, no intercourse in first 2 months, drink more milk… bla bla bla…
Doctor: (Looked at JR) Congratulations…
JR: Thanks :p
Doctor: I will give u some Acid Folid…
Rachel: Oh OK, thanks…

Scene 5
Location: Outside the door of doctor room
Time: 1415
Jason: (Smiled) I gonna be a father… Let’s take photo for this occasion ๐Ÿ˜€
Rachel: OK ๐Ÿ˜€

-The End-
(Actually the story is just begin ;P )


  1. hmm. you shouls go to a speacilist, i recon u go to DR. LEE KONG MING..very good.
    should name your production: if boy marcus. if girl kuki..

  2. now i have to buy a piggy bank, save money for ur ang pow and milk powder! hahaha, congrats! Great 2006 for both of u!

  3. very big congrats to you and rachael!! so shock when i heard frm eugene but really nice to know that you going to be daddy soon liao ^^ YEAH!!

  4. Yo….Congrats dude. That’s really great…..Yeah, I’m a Virgo too. Does that mean I was made the same way? Hehehe….

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