Execution of Saddam Hussein

30th of December 2006, Iraq’s former President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging for the murder of 148 Shi’as in the town of Dujail in 1982 (of course he has killed more than this number).

Personally I think he’s deserved for punishment for the crime he committed, although hanging him is not a best punishment. But… What about George Bush?
-around 3000 US troops die for nothing in Iraq, and over 20,000 injured. (reference)
-over 50,000 of Iraqis died, most of them are innocent. (reference)
-billion dollars spent, not for education, not for scientific research, not for helping the poor in US, not for poverty around the World, but for killing people and get more votes.

Don’t you think he also deserves for punishment?

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