Paint ball!

Today I’ve followed Rachel’s colleagues to play paint ball, the game that I wanted to play around 3 years ago but have not enough people to form the trip. Today we have 16 people including staffs of Macrolynx and their friends (or special friends) for this trip.

Rachel and I woke up early for 9am game, started the trip, lost in journey few times, and finally managed to find the place, but we were told that the game was suppose to start at 11am. So with this free time, we had chance to wander around this little town called Kuang (轰埠), a town we never ever thought in our lifetime that have chance to step our feet in there. This is an interesting small town which has a KTM station in the town.
Kuang town
After having our breakfast, we’ve spent around 20 minutes to finished wandering every corner in Kuang town, and went back to Mudtrekker to watch the 9am game played by others.

Around 11am, all others were arrived, we were briefed for the rules, and the way to handle our markers (aka guns). Soon after briefing, we were divided into 2 teams, to play at urban map, where we need to capture opponent’s flag to win the game. Rachel has broke her Moschino specs that she has worn for around 6 years in the game, and I was always being shot in to head. We also played jungle maps, where it’s more close to real war.
Jungle Briefing

There are regular players there, which are expert and experience. They join us for jungle game. For sure, they have won over us easily with their solid experience and better strategy (and better armed).
The professionals

After more than 2 hours of excited and sweats, the games were over. As usual, we took photos before leaving.
Macrolynx Dato' Lokman

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  1. how nice.. paint ball game. I wanted to try… but hubby said its expensive… never get the chance of trying out… as now have baby Sean .. cant go for movie also. Life changed after having baby.

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