Beyond KL fans dinner + karaoke gathering

It’s been long time since last Beyond fans gathering at Oct 2005 when Beyond had their last concert over there, and I seldom attend to gatherings since I was a father. Finally we had a little gathering yesterday since our big sister Amelia able to come far from Johor Baru and Angie back from Singapore to join us. There were 10 of us joined the gathering, which the number was lesser than I thaught, due to sudden heavy rain and other reasons. However we still had our good crazy time.

We had light dinner and met up at Leisure Mall’s Wong Kok restaurant before we heading to Neway karaoke that just located at opposite. This is the first time I went to karaoke with 99% of songs we selected were Beyond’s songs in 4 hours.
Partial selected song

Since most of the songs are rock songs, we had lot’s of shouting, lot’s of head banging, lot’s of paparazzi photo snapping, little of moshing and some silly stunts too. It was like a little Beyond concert as we cheered and clapped along 😛
Crazy ppl... i respect u all

The ‘little Beyond concert’ was ended at 12am, when Meriam Yeung reminded us time was up and leave without leaving any valueable stuffs behind 😛 The gathering was continued with drinking session at mamak stall until 2am.

It was a real fun gathering that I’ve really missed for so long. Too bad Rachel’s grandmother was admitted to hospital and Rachel needed to take care of her, else the gahering would be more better 🙂



  1. its really a memorable gathering!
    we shud organize it when rachel is free and we’ll get more ppl to join our “small concert”

  2. Hi,

    I saw you guys are Beyond supporters. Can I join ? Do you guys play in band as well ?

  3. Lam Chio Meng :Hi,
    I saw you guys are Beyond supporters. Can I join ? Do you guys play in band as well ?

    Hello, nice to meet you. You are welcomed to join us. We are based at KL and JB. We don’t play band but if you like to we could arrange as some of us playing music instruments (too bad, not me). Please leave your contact so we could keep in touch with you, or you could add me in Facebook, just go to “My Account In…” link at top menu to link to my Facebook profile. 🙂

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