Blood Donation

Since my first blood donation at 1998, today I had my 8th blood donation, at Wisma Central. At my last donation, I just donated 300ml due to lack of sleep. This time I was well prepared, slept for 7.5 hours and had my breakfast. During signing up, I’ve reliazed that I have gain weight until 64kg. I was always less than 60kg in the past. I still look sli actually… just my tummy is getting bigger. 😛

450ml of blood was transfered successfully. They seems have new procedure, they placed the blood below my hand before they cutting the cord. So I did feel the warmth of my blood.
My blood

There was food prepared for blood donors as little reward. A pack of sugar cane, a red bean bun, a pack of biscuits, a cup of warm Milo, with 2 little pils. They were my lunch.

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