Music Reunion gig 5 – 2008 New Year countdown party

Music Reunion Gig is back, for the fifth time. This time the gig is a little bit different with previous gigs, this time the main music theme is not only rock music, but also electronica too.
Music Reunion Gig 5

As usual, this gig is organized by NAO, supported by Soundscape Records. Here are little information for the gig:
Date: 31st December 2007 (Monday)
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: Cheras Kaki Corner
Entrance: RM20.00
Pre sale goodie: pre sale tickets come with Music Reunion Gig 4 VCD

The Other Side Orchestra (KL electronica rock)
Oracle (Penang metal core)
沉默的祷告者 Silent Prayer (in Hip Hop)
孬 NAO (organizer, punk rock)

Rainf (DJ of Dropout, drum and bass)
DJ Chelsea (the lady DJ, hard trance)
电棒 Dian Bang (bedroom laptop electronica)

More info please contact Ah Tatt, with the mobile phone in the poster, or naoband at gmail dot com. 

Let’s go to have fun!

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