Paintball 4

Yes, after 3 weeks of playing paintball, I back to Mudtrekker again for paintball. This time i went with my company colleagues. Thanks to Albert for organizing this event, well done 😉
Group photo

There were only 11 of us, so it was quite tiring for us to running the whole field. However we still had fun with the games. As usual I got head shot too, and one of them mark my forehead with bruise because the pallet was exploded at the edge of my face mask. Additional, I also got 2 bruises at my left arm, 1 at my left hand ring finger, 1 at my right chest and 1 at my right leg.

The whole event was quite similar with my previous paintball trips, but this time we witnessed the use of smoke grenade in the game by another group. I not sure how useful was the grenade but when our turn to use the field, we need to wait for the smoke gone before continue our next games 😀
Fire in the hole!

After the games we went to Kepong town’s main road 為食街to have our lunch before we calling it an ‘event’.

More photos


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