*Update Mar 4 2008*
See what Abdullah Badawi talked about his 2004 promises at The Star.

Every General Election, every party spends a lot of money on advertisements, posters, billboards… especially Barisan Nasional, with their sweet propagation and promises.

Now, before 12th Malaysian General Election, I would like to highlight the propagation and promises advertised at newspaper at 2004 General Election. In 2004, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was a new Prime Minister, his appearance has given new hopes to Malaysians, with his promises like fighting corruptions, reform the government to be more efficient and more transparent, reduce criminal cases, decrease the racial gap and live up harmony society, “I want to listen to truth”, “Not work for me, but work with me”, so on and so forth. MCA even described Abdullah Badawi as Bao Gong, a Chinese judge in Dynasty Song that famous with his high integrity and fairness.

Let’s have a look back these advertisements and his promises (in Chinese):
Bao Gong…?


4 years passed, how many promises that he had achieved?

  • Zakaria Mat Deros… He able to build a house that can be called palace, no one is checking him.
  • Someone who taking bribe still a minister but someone who reporting a bribe is being accused.
  • Khairy, his son-in-law, from time to time flaming up the issues between races, then he could have demonstration against Condoleezza Rice, and police automatically issue the gathering permit to him, but all demonstrations called up by non-government bodies were either banned, brutally dismissed or blamed with untrue facts, even at International Human Rights Day, demonstrators were charged in court because of organizing peaceful gathering, which is granted legally under constitution.
  • Hishammuddin, giving speech with his unfriendly gestures to non-Bumi races, but didn’t get any ISA actions, while people fight for their rights were detained under ISA.
  • MCA and MIC, can’t fight for the rights for their own people, while acting as slaves of UMNO, not dare to voice up any unjustified decisions and unproper statements made by UMNO.
  • I laughed out loud when the Zainuddin being interviewed by Al-Jazeera, his English make Malaysian ashame. I also very frustrated with his Information Ministry where controls the media and threaten them to cover Barisan Nasional’s bad stories with their annually renewed media permits.
  • More and more toll gates were built, why we still need to pay road tax?
  • The astronaut project, spent billions of ringgit that paid by us, what do we benefit from it?
  • Could you walk in midnight alone without fear of getting robbed or raped?
  • Could you leave your mobile phone or laptop in the car and go shopping without worry?
  • If you are from sin city Johor Baru, did you get snatched or robbed before?
  • During 2006 Johor flood, Abdullah Badawi didn’t stay in Malaysia stand by for the Rakyat, but went to Australia to launch a Nasi Kandar restaurant for his relatives.
  • And now they are spending our hard earn money to advertise them again, with senseless advertisements.

The Malaysian constitutions are getting challenged even worse after Abdullah Badawi took over, Lingam case, alteration of the constitution just to allow Abdul Rashid retire 1 year later. Abdul Rashid promised his SPR will run a fair and clean Election, but more and more phantom voters are discovered in passed few weeks, but no action was taken, another big liar.

This boy from Penang was passed away last year August. His family checked their own election detail, and they checked together for this boy:

with shocked, his family discovered that his IC has been assigned to a girl, from Puchong, named V.Nalynna Anak Perempuan Visvanathan. News from
Phantom voter

Those are just a little portion of problems that appear under the administration of current government, google yourself for more, or visit here.

Barisan Nasional, is a government full with liars, corrupters, racists, chauvinist pigs, cowards, idiots… Do you still want them to be your government? It’s time to change.


  1. This government is eat up our money.
    No much people aware that pelabuhan klang scandal has eat up a lot of money.
    Angkasawan project is total joke of the year. What we gonna do with those 18 Russian figthers we bought? We can see that the opportunity for angkasawan is the bonus link benefit after we collect enought point to buy the fighter.

  2. Seriously, every government has it’s own issues and during Mahathir’s era, he did what was easier by focusing on the “hardware” of Malaysia. For Abdullah, he wanted to focus on the “Software” which is much more difficult, so I am not surprised not much has changed. The reason why not much had changed is simply because the “King” may want something but the “Servants” are quietly doing something else behind his back. They are so used to doing it in the Mahathir era or the pre-Mahathir era. BN has been in place for 50 years!! So they lepak-lepak…. Now how do we change the entire system of “software”?? Just change the entire administration!!

    So, Just Change it!! Jom Ubah!!

  3. 過去四年內,佢嘅成積如何… 大家有眼見嘅。而機會只有一次,而上次阿拉叔唔珍惜… 咁今次就冇得怨囖!

    我哋係時候要改朝换代喇~ 為將來,為下一代!更要冒冒險架喇,呢嗰世界係冇白吃嘅晏仔架嘛。(有外國PR嘅冇資格同我哋一起改朝换代,因為你已放弃大媽咗!)


  4. Fook,
    I think you missed out on the RM60 millions repair on a rooftops of the Putrajaya & Parliment. RM30 millions repair on the MRR2! I wonder where are all those contractors now? Hiding under Mr.Samy Vellu pants so that they won’t get caught by the ACA? LoL… Samy you’re da man!

    Those stories above speaks it all. Put a cross on the opposition for this coming general election!

    I don’t see any harm in letting the opposition runs the country for 1 term and if they are not good, we can always bring BN back.

  5. Not just the Malay easily forgets the chinese then indians , the entire Malaysian that is afraid of change easily “forgets”.

    Who remembers pelabuhan free trade zone issue which lost millions if not billion by some chinese woman ?

    while we are focusing on election who knows the issue about UM land ?

    Time for a change!

  6. I agree that it is time for a change but how do you think we could make a change with so many phantom voters around?


    ahfook: Welcome BN’s 2750 🙂 I don’t know what will happen in future, but I know currently our life suck under ruling of BN. I might be stupid or naive, but I am not coward, you don’t even have a name and identity, and could you be more civilized? You making us more hate BN.

  8. Stupid Naive,

    We’re not stupid, we never said if opposition WIN, our life will change, there will be no bribey cases, it will remove the bumiputra quota & etc…

    Instead, as we can see if we keep ruling by BN… our life will definately SUX! So, we just ask for the change, the change of 2/3 of the BN parliment seat! We bet on our future, our next generation future for next 5 years, and not knew BN is SUX and yet let it ruling us!

    Perhaps the one who STUPID is YOU YOURSELF….

  9. I dont deny that the stupidity exists everywhere in this world.

    But the stupidity to the current extend and the state we are at our country?

    It is stupid people like you who are the downfall of this country.

    Look at Australia people are debating on tax deduction implication on the economy and inflation rate.

    Malaysia is talking about bocor here, bocor there, NEP , you chinese , you malay.

    Who is stupid now ? I think all Malaysians are stupid who cant see beyond the current situation of our country , who couldnt see the better light at the end of the tunnel, who dont dare to fight for the future.

    Mind you if u read a lil history, it is those people who dare to change that makes the country prosper , what will happen to china if Dr Sun Yat San did not dare to change for the country?

    It is because of his believe that carries on for the entire nation even after his death!!

  10. Again and again, we’re being hoodwinked with all the cover-ups and lies. I remembered someone even commented at that we might as well call our PM Pak Helah now. I know it’s not easy to run a country, but I just cannot tolerate it when the government treat us like idiots into thinking that everything is all nice and good. At least have the courage to admit your mistake and do something about it!

    They can really learn a thing or two from our Australian neighbors. Look at them. The Australian Parliament delivered an unprecedented public apology for policies it says have degraded the country’s indigenous people.

    That said, I think it’s quite impossible for our oppositions to win this coming election. Then again, let us at least deny them 2/3 majority this time so that they know it’s time they buck up.

  11. I believe that if we continue to put BN in power, more and more parliamentary constituencies wil go through another round of delineation, thereby creating a situation where BN can continue forming the government even if they don’t have 50% of the total popular vote.

    Voters shouldn’t be resigned to the fact that there are phantom voters, postal voters etc. It is still not out of hand yet I believe, but if we let this continue, it will be.

    Thanks for reading and commenting in my blog, btw.
    I’ve looked through and enjoyed what I read, so in my blogroll you go 🙂

    Wow 😀 Thanks for visiting my site too, it surprised me!

  12. Just like a product/service competition, politics needs opposition.

    Monopoly will happen if there is no strong competition/opposition.

    Like a consumer to a product/service, poor public service will lead to citizen dissatisfaction.

    We count ourselves fortunate because we have those who dare to risk their comfortable life to fight on behalf of us/the community.

    Without Hindraf doing what they did, MIC/BN would think everything is fine.

    Without Bersih doing what they did, we will not be aware of how badly manipulated our electoral results are.

    Why do you think even our lawyer march in protest?
    Here’s why:

    Just like without complain, you’d think yr product/service is excellent.

    This blog is a form of feedback. Without feedback, there’s no improvement.

    Knowing that corruption exist is one thing, accepting it is another thing.

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