Makkal Sakti!

Makkal Sakti probably is one of the famous phrases for this 12th General Election besides ‘time to change’, ‘korek korek korek’, ‘再转变’, ‘enough is enough’, ‘BN = Barang Naik’ and etc. This phrase is used by HINDRAF with the meaning of ‘people power‘. This is so true especially Malaysians have denied Barisan Nasional’s 2/3 majority with their votes, which I never thought would happen before.

Congratulations, Malaysians, and thanks for those who dare to make change, and gave a chance to Barisan Rakyat. Remember in democratic country, WE ARE THE BOSS!

Barisan Nasional – You guys better manage Malaysia well, if Malaysia still runs in bad condition, people will pull you down entirely in coming General Elections.

Barisan Rakyat – Congrates! The people has given you guys a chance, take this opportunity to learn how to run your governments and do what you have promised before. But remember, we can vote you in, we can vote you out too!

V for Vendetta


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