Congrates, Stella and Wilson

Rachel and I were invited by Stella and Wilson as their wedding photographers, at Wilson’s hometown, which is Malacca. Last weekend, after casting our votes in General Election, we drove down to Malacca, and FM988 was the source we received the General Election results.

Wilson has reserved 1 room for us at Malacca, staying in King Apartment with Stella’s family. Stella’s family members are warm and kind, we had a great time there. The next day, Sunday, was the wedding day for the couple. We woke up early in the morning the shot for the wedding ceremony, as well as the wedding dinner at the night.

That was a very precious experience for Rachel and I, thanks Stella and Wilson given us a good chance to experience a wonderful wedding, and meeting wonderful people especially their friendly family members. 😀

Stella and Wilson’s wedding

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