Dong Tai Du photography session

I am glad that invited by Ah Tat to join the Dong Tai Du photography session last Sunday, I have a great chance to snap with SengKit, Ricky and Sui Gor. There were around 30 musicians took part in the session, to demonstrate the action and spirit of Dong Tai Du (动态度). Each of them were requested to jump or do some tricky actions to be captured at a compound of a flat. SengKit and Ricky were the main photographers, while I responsible in recording the whole process, together with Sui Gor. The photos taken will be stitched up and form a panorama photo. Then we moved to Sungai Wang plan to have a street pogo and distribute the gig flyers, but due to lack of crowd at that time, we decided to postpone the second plan to another evening.

Thanks everyone who worked hard to make this session a success and a fun one. 😀

Dong Tai Du

More photos coming soon Photos ready!

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Photo Pintu – 动态度摄影活动
DongTaiDu – 辛苦拍来自在型!
SengKit – 動也要有態度﹗
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Sui Gor – 动!可是起不来 …
Snow X White 1 – 动态度拍摄场所–龙甘威的六楼后座
Snow X White 2 – 摆明是开一张post blog衰你 :p
Snow X White 3 – 我是有姿势,没实际的女主唱
Blue Glory – 动太度,我们一起动~!!!


  1. Waiting for the coning soon pics for few days liao lor…

    ahfook: coming real soon :$ Now still in office… T_T

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