Have you saved the Earth today?

Today April 22nd is Earth Day, a day that reminds us about the bad condition of the Earth after massive developments in past decades. However, how many of us in Malaysia aware of this day? Or I should put as, how many of us aware that our Earth is in danger?

From day to day, we can see a lot of people not aware that what they are doing is actually bringing disaster to ourselves. It is us, the human being that who bring the danger to Earth, not Aliens, not Martians, not even the one who told by our ancestors.

In movies, novels or TV series, when the Earth is in danger, we have super heroes appear to save us. But who can be the heroes for the damages that done by us? We are! We are the saviours of the Earth, and it’s simple, not need to be a super hero, no need save a cheer leader.

These are simple things that we can do to make sure the damages are controlled, or at least our children won’t blame us on not taking care the Earth and give them a Earth like macrowave and lack of clean water.

  • Recycle. We listen this word since small, but how many people doing it well? Execpt recycling aluminium tins, we also can recycle papers, glasses, plastics, cloths, stationeries… As long as not throwing them directly into waste bins, and try to collect them and send to recycle centers, or someone who can reuse them. One more thing very important is recycling plastic bags. Try to avoid taking plastic bags from cashiers, if the stuffs you buying can be taken by hands, or you are going to eat soon (for example the sandwiches you buy while walking to office every morning). Try to buy from those shops or markets giving out biodegradable plastic bags. Although now biodegradable plastic bags is not 100% environmental safe, but at least the damage is not as serious as traditional petrochemicals plastic bags.
  • Save power. Turn off the lights when nobody in the rooms or wash rooms. Use those power saving electronic appliances. Turn off the PC monitors during lunch time. Turn off the air-cond when not using, or not necessary (more heat more air-cond, more air-cond even more heat). Better still, unplug the power when not using. This will reduce the comsumtion of coal, and reduce the amount of CO2  (which causes the global warming).
  • Save water. Frankly speaking, we are lack of clean water. Everyone saving a little bit on everyday will make big difference!
  • Throw to the right place. There are things that we can’t recycle, and can bring great damage to Earth, for example batteries, electronic appliances. Try to send them to dedicated collection centers(too bad in Malaysia we are lack of these). And don’t throw your rubbish into river, only uncivilized people do that.
  • Reduce the usage of transportation. Walking and bicycling are the best ways, or taking public transportation like buses and trains. However, the weather is too hot in Malaysia to walk, and public transportation (or the road systems… Samy Vellu…) sucks, I understand, but just try your best, at least don’t drive to next street in beautiful weather. If can’t live without car, try to get a fuel efficient car and drive green.
  • Eat less meat. Rearing live stocks produces a lot of greenhouse gas. In many places, forest cut down to open farms to rear live stocks. Try to be vegetarian, hahaha…
  • Buy locally made products that require lesser transportation energy (aka Petrol or Diesel).
  • Don’t buy a thing that you not really need (people buy things they not really need, weird, but happen everyday).
  • Education. Bring up the awareness of global warming to your friends and family, or ask them to visit my blog, hahahaha~!

I’ve metioned few steps above to help reduce the global warming. I admit that I not yet adapt with all stated actions above but I am trying to. And if you noticed, most of the steps have direct connection to “saving money”, so, saving the Earth, will save your money too 😀

Try to do something before too late, even a little bit would help.


  1. I was talking about global warming to my mom and you this morning… i didn’t know you blog it day before. Kekeke… keep up the good work…

  2. this is a good post! i always dreamt about bad disaster on my area…maybe six sense of it..” Save the power, Hon!”

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