Don Tai Du Music fest

After prepared for few months, Dong Tai Du music fest finally rock the world successfully last weekend. First of all I would like to thank Ah Tat for giving me a great opportunity to join the event as photographer, it’s a great honor and pleasure. Then thanks to Rachel bringing Ler Ler to the gig. Ler Ler was not in the mood when he just arrived, however after some time he able to join in, good start for him, I suppose, hahaha.

I reached there around 12pm, started to snap around, until end of Trendkill’s performance, because I joined into the mosh-pit and head banging when Oracle performing, haha, so long never head banging, now my neck still in pain after 2 days.

Onnz of Dropout performing

I would like to say “BRAVO!!” for those who worked hard to make this event a successful one, we shall wait for another bigger and better Dong Tai Du music fest! 😉

More photos coming soon.
Photos (part 1)
Photos (part 2)
Photos (part 3) Finally finished!!

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  1. Ler Ler rocks! I believe he will soon join you in head banging! =D

    Looking forward to more of your photos too.

    ahfook: Haha, not so fast la… May be few years later… 😛

  2. hi ah fook
    i m guitarist of xerpent

    looking forward for ur photos of dtd music fest

    ahfook: welcome! Try to process as many as I can @_@

  3. ah fook….
    i wait for ur pics lehh….
    i didn’t take any photos on that day just to make myself more focous on our performance…:P
    count on you edi man~!!! hahaa~

    Btw, your son is cute~ how old edi?

    ahfook: Hello Venes, my son just 1 year 8 months old 😛

  4. Hi sorry guys, these few days worked like hell, tonight only able to process 20 photos, hope tomorrow can process all (or at least 50%) of the photos. Thanks. XP

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