Bangkok FOC trip

After 1 extremely busy week, finally I have little time to write about my FOC Bangkok trip at last weekend. Don’t be misunderstood, this is not a “Free Of Charge” trip, “FOC Bangkok trip” means “Fook, Onnz and Clayvon” Bangkok trip 😀 (this was Onnz idea)
FOC in Bangkok

This was a budget trip as total of all expenses including air tickets (including airport tax), accommodation, transportation, food and shopping, cost not more than RM1,000 per person, for 4 days 3 nights.

Our room at Suk 11
We stayed at Suk 11 guest house. It’s a guest house located near Sukhumvit Road, just around 5 minute walk from Nana BTS skytrain station. Very convenient and comfy guest house, affordable price. I must mention about the room given, it was the biggest hotel room I’ve stayed so far. There are 3 single beds, and 1 double bed in the room, and it’s attached with back yard at the back of the room, and a little balcony at front of the room.

Our first day was not many story as we reach Bangkok at around 4pm, after reaching Suk 11 it was around evening time, we just walked around Sukhumvit area.

Bangkok, taken from Wat Saket
At the second day we went to several temples around Bangkok. Bangkok’s temples (also called Wat) are interesting, we went to few temples but personally i like Wat Saket. This probably is the highest temple in Bangkok, where you can see whole Bangkok on the peak (at Golden Mount).

Wat Po
Wat Po is another temple that must be visited. At there has a hugh Reclining Buddha. Besides the Buddha, Wat Po also the birthplace of the Thai massage, too bad I didn’t try the Thai massage (remember this is a budget trip XD)

For the food, I’ve found out the prices for food at Sukhumvit area is not cheap, especially the restaurants, probably due to there is a happening place where a lot of tourists around. However, before visiting Wat Po, when we went to Thewet boat station to get our boat to Wat Po, we discovered a little restaurant near the boat station. The food there is very nice and the price is reasonable. That was the best meal we had in the whole trip.

Lunch at Thai Restaurant near Thewet boat station
See Onnz was so happy with the food.

Of cause, besides temples, another attraction of Bangkok is shopping. We planned our shopping at 3rd day, after spending 2nd day for visiting temples. Our initial plan was going to Chatuchak weekend market for whole day, however we was told by a Belgium journalist (during visiting a temple), that the Chatuchak market is extremly hot during noon, so better go there either at early in the morning or late in the evening. So we spent our morning and noon time at Siam Center and Siam Discovery shopping malls before going to Chatuchak weekend market.

Toilet in Siam Center
When we were at Siam Center, we were amazed with Thai people’s creativity. The malls were creatively designed, which you can’t find the wild ideas in Kuala Lumpur. Even the toilet also very special. Too bad photography is prohibited in Siam Center and Siam Discovery, else I could have take more photos from there.

After having our lunch at futuristic Food For Fun foodcourt, we took MRT to Chatuchak weedend market. There is a MRT station called Chatuchak, however the MRT station that we should stop to go Chatuchak weekend market is Kamphaeng Phet, which is just adjacent to Chatuchak weekend market (while Chatuchak station is near to Chatuchak park, not Chatuchak weekend market).

People in Chatuchak weekend market
Chatuchak weekend market is the largest market in Bangkok, and it’s only opened at weekend. Since it’s the largest market in Bangkok, there a damn a lot of stuffs selling here. Most of the items selling here (especially designed T shirts) are quite unique. 3 of us have the same experience:- We found our favourite designs, thought of compare the price with other shops, however we didn’t manage to find similar designs at other shops, and the worst thing is, we lost the way back to the original shop, because it just too big! So we’ve missed some designs that we really like.

The last place we went was the Grand Palace. Actually we planned to go there at 2nd day, however when we reached at 3:40pm, it was already closed (closing time is 3:30pm). So we decided to go Grand Palace again at last day morning before getting our plane back to Kuala Lumpur.

We shooting each other in Grand Palace
Grand Palace is located together with Wat Phra Kaew, however since we had limited time, we didn’t manage to visit both Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, although the entrance fee is the most expensive among all temples we visited, which is 250 baht.

After visiting Grand Palace, basically it’s a wrap up for whole FOC Bangkok trip. The trip was fun and interesting, however there were some cases happened in the trip which add flaws to the trip. I shall share more stories about the con men in Bangkok in near future.

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  1. I went to bangkok last year. Also visited quite number of temples. AMong all, I love Grand Palace the most ( but u’ve missed this :p). If u have chance, do visit GP.

    Siam Center also is a big mall to shop..esp for lady 🙂

    Share more on your next trip 🙂

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