One month in Taiwan (I)

After working in Taiwan for one month, finally I am here back to Malaysia. Stayed in Taichung, didn’t really enjoy the trip because working almost everyday and eating Bian Dang almost everyday also. Didn’t really have chance to take photos around. Here are some photos taken. And the worst thing was, I’ve missed Han Ler’s 2nd birthday T.T…

Interesting things in Taiwan were, experienced typhoon in Taiwan, the Sinlaku Typhoon, although in Taichung area doesn’t seem affected much by the typhoon. Then the sukiyaki steamboat, it was so delicious, I shall try it one more time if I had chance.

Will be back to Taiwan again at next Tuesday 23rd September 2008, for another month. Hope this time could get some off days and have a short trip to Taipei.


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