One month in Taiwan (II)

Been back to Malaysia for almost 1 week, it’s time for me to report about my second month I stayed in Taiwan 😛
Unlike the first month, this month the working schedule was not too tight, I able to walk around this time, to Taipei, Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and Feng Jia night market(逢甲夜市). And the best thing is, Rachel came to meet me at Taiwan for our 3rd anniversary, however we didn’t manage to celebrate as planned because Han Ler was sick badly so we abandoned the plan and back to KL earlier.
I also witnessed the strong typhoon JangMi, which was stronger than Sinlaku that I experienced at first month, this time I could feel the office building shaking, and see more damages, even in typhoon safe zone – TaiChung.

Here are some photos I that took in Taiwan:
Jang Mi typhoon blew down a banner
JangMi Typhoon

Taipei street near Taipei 101
Taipei 101

Taipei Zoo
Taipei Zoo

Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake

Feng Jia Night Market
Feng Jia Night Market

View more photos here


  1. hey, i like the fengjia picture! i like the movement and the vivid colours 🙂

    ahfook: thanks, you think i can sell this as stock photo? hahaha XD

  2. 日月潭, my dream place..nice it morning ?

    ahfook: yes, early in the morning around 5am, Taiwan sun rise is a lot earlier than Malaysia

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