Canon Photomarathon Asia (Kuala Lumpur) 2008

I took part in Canon Photomarathon Asia (Kuala Lumpur) 2008, last Saturday, with Rachel. This was our first time took part in photography contest, we were there to gain experience while meeting up friends.

We reached Berjaya Times Square around 7:30am, the queues for registration were so long, big ‘U’ shape queue stretched from registration booth until edge of the Times Square and back to booth again. We’ve been queued up for around 40 minutes only managed to get registered. We were given official T shirts, refreshment, breakfast, map and schedule. Not bad for a free event, huh? 😉

The first theme was “Indulge Metropolitan”. This theme has confused most of the contestants, we took out our phones, either check the dictionary, or call up friends to ask the meaning of “indulge”, and we got different answers, where we couldn’t linked them up properly. So this is my work for first theme, and I don’t think it make any sense with the theme XD

Then we went to Pavilion, the brand new shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, to get our second theme, “Mess In Rules” from Canon shop. So on the way to Suria KLCC (the third pit stop), I have snapped this for the second theme, too bad the focus spot was incorrect:

After having our lunch at Suria KLCC food court,  we met Clive, he just took the third theme from Canon shop. The third theme was “Goes Green”. We went to Kinokuniya book store to get some idea, however we have no luck to get any. Then we decided to go Petaling Street to try some luck.

We went to Petaling Street with LRT, walking around, including Lee Lum Thye Market, the street with prostitution service (they working at day time, too), Jalan HS Lee and other parts of Petaling Street area, then I got this for “Goes Green” theme, bad composition:

After getting the photos we wanted, we walked to Maharajalela Monorail station to get back to Berjaya Times Square. We loaded our works into the PC there, then get our lunch (for free) from the organizer. We left after meeting up with friends around there around 4pm.

View more photos here.

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  1. wuah if the last picture just focus the green man will be very match to the idea!

    ahfook: haha, I need at least 300mm lens to capture it XD

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