Streamyx – The BEST broadband service in Malaysia

screamyx - the best broadband in Malaysia

Paid for broadband 512k and get 9.6k dial up modem speed, this is the BEST broadband service in Malaysia. In Taiwan I can download whole Ubuntu CD in 30 minutes while watching Youtube without lagging.


  1. Ehm… this is malaysia line quality.. but still the best among others..

    Perhaps.. you can request go taiwan work.. so can enjoy taiwan broadband speed.. XD

  2. wht a post, so hypocrite…lol!! Indeed, they are the best out of de best!!

  3. Sorry, the line is worst than 9.6kbps modem speed.
    616bytes * 8 = 4928bits = 4.9kbps
    If you call to Streamyx hotline to complaint, they will mostly tell you :”Sorry, you are sharing the line with 1000 users, please accept the fact”


  4. more than 30 minutes man i wait for streamyx`s staff pick up my call..fuck!! 1.0M like 0.1M speed…argh..if the stremyx have hole..i will rape it..

  5. I talk the real, have anyone has the same sitution as I do.

    I download 1MB of file from China and it give me for 3 hour to finish it.
    and 99% of file fail to download.

    I am using 512 package and now the IP is 60.48.X.X and download a forever unfinish file.

  6. common people..Why do u hv to blame MALAYSIA, huh.? Blame service provider la…
    If u blame Malaysia, why u stay here…fine ur own country la..
    4 advice..service provider give u service..if worst service blame them..k. next time think b4 comment.

  7. Its a never ending story. I’ve been calling Strymeax past few nights ‘cos if slow connection. I just want to get connected to Skype lah please. They told me to run the “speedometer” test and said, see, the speed is ok miss. You have the 512 package and your speed is 500 something blah blah blah and they said, :It must be your computer. WTF! My desktop is new, my lap top well serviced. WTF! Ha! We, Malaysia boleh – KONON! Buck up Strymeax – you’re just lucky you have no competition now – just you wait. Best? Yah sure, best of the worst!

  8. And the stupidity of it all is, after 15 mins, the line gets cut and don’t they call you back. Bodoh!

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