Tattoo Before 30 Years Old

3 days before my 30th birthday, I went to have my second tattoo that I always wanted to do. It was 4 years after my first tattoo. This time I did a Polynesian tattoo at my left leg. Rachel and I planned to do it at same day however my tattoo was too complicated and have to spent 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete it, Rachel’s tattoo session had to reschedule to December 18, 2009.
Once again we went to Borneo Ink, had Eddie to do the tattoo. We have booked this session 3 months before due to long queue in Borneo Ink. I shown Eddie this image and told him I want a simple Polynesian tattoo. He then started to design the new tattoo by drawing it on my leg using a marker pen.
After completed sketching the outline, the real tattoo process started at 4pm. It ended at 6:45pm with great pain on my leg, but it’s worth it, I like it very much.
Here are the photos taken by Rachel, and edited by her too.
Tattoo in progress
Borneo Ink

More photos here.


  1. u look realli realli pain… and btw.. Rachel snapped good shots!
    and.. how the result look like?

  2. no wonder b4 ur 30th ur face look pucat…

    btw Canon EOS 5D Mark II really good 😀
    nice picture & color treatment

  3. Hey, serious, like what Eddie said, his design is much nicer than the one you show him… Bravo Eddie, Bravo Hubby! XD

  4. do you need to go back for touchup?
    did u shave and wax your leg before the tattoo?
    wash using water? level up the pain or not?
    as the *wound* not healing completely.

    tat’s too many questions hehe, ;D

  5. @Becky
    Hi Becky, thanks for asking, I don’t mind to answer them 😉
    1. Not yet go back for touch up, it’s still recovering.
    2. Yes he did shave my leg before starting, but no waxing.
    3. I wash everyday using water, but I make sure i dry my leg fast. No pain when washing with water and soap.

  6. nice tattoo dude… and u look painful… 😛

    can ask what lense u using? and how u photoshop ur photo into such a nice old picture color like style??

    reply in my chat box pls… (when u free… :P)

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