Trial Run for Gunung Nuang Endurance Run 2013

I’m running Gunung Nuang Endurance Run 2013 at March 3 2013, my first race in 2013. The race requires runners to complete at least 4 loops, which every loop is 10km, from the Gunung Nuang entrance to Buluh Minyak pavilion (5km) and turn back.

Going up hill in Gunung Nuang trail
Going up hill in Gunung Nuang trail

Gunung Nuang is around 30 minutes from my house, passing by Hulu Langat Batu 18 (River Jungle Marathon’s starting point) and all the way until end of the road. After reaching the parking, only I found out I’ve left my trail shoes at home, so no choice I have to walk and run with my slippers.

Gunung Nuang trail
Gunung Nuang trail

It’s not easy to walk/run in Gunung Nuang trail, by only walking uphill my heart beat reached around 160bpm (my normal resting heart beat around 45bpm).

Met barefoot running seniors CP Tan and Rich Chai on the trail, they were running with Vibram FiveFingers and Luna sandals respectively. Also met other running friends like Kien Wai, Chan Sai Chun, Sarah Chin, Arnold…


After 5KM u-turn, I started to run a little faster but too bad kicked my right toe to one the stones and it started bleeding, luckily it’s not severe so I could continue my journey until the end of the trail.

Stones and rocks everywhere
Stones and rocks everywhere

My thoughts:

  • Run with a pair of proper trail shoes, or at least protective shoes >.<
  • Water is important, as mentioned by the rules, at least bring a water bottle
  • Don’t rush and be relax, there are plenty of time
  • Take photos & chatting with friends would make you feel better
  • Walking stick might help when moving towards up hill
  • Bring some light snacks too, but please throw the wrapping papers in rubbish bins, if couldn’t find one, bring back to starting point and throw it
  • GPS coordinate (for Google Map) of Gunung Nuang entrance is 3.21703, 101.88329

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