My Encounter of Voice Mimicking Phone Scam

Photo by Liam Seskis on Unsplash
Photo by Liam Seskis on Unsplash

On one fine day in October 2019, I received a call from this number +6014-275 6170, the caller’s voice is my friend Wendy Soo’s voice, she told me that she is Wendy and she had changed her mobile phone number, the old number is no longer used. I said OK but wondering why she chooses a mobile service operator that provides “014” prefix which is generally a taboo for Chinese.

Wendy is one of the running event organizers in Kuala Lumpur which I’ve helped her in some of her events.

On the next day the number called me again, the fake “Wendy” told me that she had issued a RM50,000 cheque to a vendor but the date was written wrongly, she needs cash urgently to pay the vendor, she managed to borrow RM40,000 cash from friends and relatives, so she asked me do I have RM10,000 to lend her, and promised to return on next day. I was suspected but I said OK, and asked her to send me the bank details of the vendor (please refer to the print screen attached). She sent me the bank details using SMS, instead of using the instant messaging app that we usually use.

Then I called Kahwai Low (who is also a close friend of Wendy) to cross check, but he said Wendy never informed him about the new mobile phone number, and he called Wendy to verify, and found out this is a fraud.

Important points here:

  1. The voice of the caller is highly similar with Wendy’s voice.
  2. When she was talking, there were pauses between sentences, I feel like she was reading script before talking (or generating new sentences to answer me)


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Cover photo by Liam Seskis on Unsplash

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