Get Your Running Photos at Changkat Tunku Hill

Kahwai Low
Kahwai Low

All race events in Malaysia were cancelled or postponed since the breakout of Covid-19. If you were a regular runner/cyclist, I bet you must have missed your running/cycling photos taken during the events.

Now, you can get your beautiful running/cycling photos when you running/cycling at Changkat Tunku Hill, from Kahwai Low of SmartPix at Changkat Tunku Hill, you can also purchase those high resolution photos at SmartPix.

Kahwai Low is famous among the runners/cyclists with his cheerful encouragement to the runners/cyclists in order to get their happiest expression in to the photos.


Today there was another photographer Mr Lee from SmartPix taking the photos for runners/cyclists too.

Mr Lee

The SmartPix team will be stationed at Changkat Tunku Hill every Sunday from 7:30am until around 10am. Remember to smile and say hi to them when you see the photographers.

Here are some of the previous photos from the Instagram account:

Changkat Tunku Hill is a small hill located in Kuala Lumpur city centre, surrounded by beautiful greenery, and it’s a good place to train your stamina. At the top of the hill, it’s the Changkat Tunku Lookout Point where you are rewarded with the city scape of Kuala Lumpur, a fantastic photography point.

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  1. Great place with Priceless shots! thank you for the article.

  2. hi… can you share the waze location there, especially the parking place. thank you.

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