My experience on my first jab of AstraZeneca vaccination

My first jab

I received my first jab of AstraZeneca vaccination at Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Here is my vaccination experience.

Since the number of daily confirmed cases is still high, and there are many people in the vaccination center, I put on double-layer masks for extra protection. I have a Neutrovis Medical Face Mask underneath the Oxwhite Breatheasy Face Mask. A face shield with a mask underneath is also a good option to protect yourself.

I parked my car inside the Putra World Trade Center, it’s a little bit challenging to get a parking space but somehow I managed to find one in less than 10 minutes.

If you were driving your dependent that needs wheelchair access to receive the vaccine, there is a special lane for wheelchair users, just follow these signs outside of the Putra World Trade Center.

Dropoff area for wheelchair users.
Drop off area for wheelchair users

There are direction boards everywhere in the car park to lead the vaccine receivers to the vaccination halls, it’s quite impossible to lose your way if you could understand basic Malay or English.

Make sure you have your mobile phone fully charged because you need to scan the MySejahtera app on every step and have your identification card ready in your hand so the volunteers can verify your identity quickly.

The entrance

By following the signage, I can find the main entrance easily. At the main entrance, the police officers on duty checked my vaccination appointment from the MySejahtera app. Only those with valid appointments are allowed to enter the vaccination center, optionally with the next-of-kin of the vaccine receiver to take care of them. If you are going with your spouse/friend who is getting a vaccination but your appointment is not on the same day, you need to wait at the designated area near the exit. Scan your MySejahtera app to check-in before entering the main entrance.

First waiting area

After entering the entrance, I was instructed to follow the route of the designated station to the first waiting area, then I was asked to sit and wait with others. You are advised to go toilet before sitting down because the process is continuous after you have started.

At this first waiting area, I need to check in again using MySejahtera app.

First waiting area, to avoid the halls were swamped by massive crowd.
First waiting area, check in your MySejahtera app here.

Second waiting area

We were instructed to the second waiting area after some waiting. This is the area we collect our vaccination consent forms, then fill up the forms in the second waiting area. There is 2 identical form, we need to fill up both forms, without putting the signature. I brought my own pen so the volunteers no need to bring me a shared pen. After filling up the forms, I wait for my number to be shown on a television in front (the number is on a small slip attached on the top left of the forms), then I left the waiting area after passing the form inspection counter.

The vaccination consent form, there are 2 copies, fill up both.
The vaccination consent form

Third waiting area

Next, is a short interview session with doctors, they asked about my body conditions here. If you are on medication, you can show them your medication reports to get their advice. The doctor signed my consent forms after he is satisfied with my condition, and I also need to sign the forms too.

Waiting to have an interview with the doctors.
Third waiting area, ready for doctor consultation

Forth waiting area

Now I was at the forth waiting area, and wait for my jab

Waiting to get my first jab.
The forth waiting area

The doctor showed me the needle before the injection, and ask me which arm to perform the injection. I chose the left arm because it is not my main arm. The injection is not painful and completed in around 2-3 seconds (or lesser).

Taking my first jab, it was fast and painless.
This is it, my first jab of AstraZeneca vaccine

Fifth waiting area

After the injection, the volunteer instructed me to the fifth waiting area, which is the observation area. This is to let the volunteers observe us in case we have side effects after the vaccination. First, I put my vaccination consent forms into the red basket on the table, then sat down and wait for the volunteers to call my name. My name was called after I have waited for around 20-30 minutes. The volunteer explained the possible side effects to me and updated my vaccination status in the MySejahtera app. He also kept one copy of the vaccination consent form and gave me a vaccination card (in maroon color) for me to bring for the second jab, which is around 1-3 months later.

Observation area, in case we have side effects after the vaccination.
The fifth waiting area, aka observation area

That’s all for the vaccination. The process was smooth, the volunteers were friendly and helpful, the instructions were clear, it was a pleasant experience. Well done! I looking forward to the second jab.

That's all for my first jab.
First jab done!

Items to bring for the vaccination:

  • Identification card (IC)
  • Fully charged mobile phone with your MySejahtera installed
  • Pen
  • Medicine list if you are having a medical condition
  • Double masks because there are a lot of people
  • Hand sanitizer

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