Broga Hill at Labor Day 2009

The name of ‘Broga Hill’ gets famous lately, especially after few of my friends (Afoi, Clive, Seng Kit, Nicky, Swee Ching…) went there took photos, their photos are just great. So when my photography friend Victor asked me whether interested to go visit Broga Hill at Labor Day, I confirmed my attendance to him instantly. 7… Continue reading Broga Hill at Labor Day 2009

Bangkok FOC trip

After 1 extremely busy week, finally I have little time to write about my FOC Bangkok trip at last weekend. Don’t be misunderstood, this is not a “Free Of Charge” trip, “FOC Bangkok trip” means “Fook, Onnz and Clayvon” Bangkok trip 😀 (this was Onnz idea) This was a budget trip as total of all… Continue reading Bangkok FOC trip

Paint ball!

Today I’ve followed Rachel’s colleagues to play paint ball, the game that I wanted to play around 3 years ago but have not enough people to form the trip. Today we have 16 people including staffs of Macrolynx and their friends (or special friends) for this trip. Rachel and I woke up early for 9am… Continue reading Paint ball!

Beautiful Junk

Came back from Penang yesterday, went to art event Beautiful Junk with Soundscape bands Nao, Citizen of Icecream and Mumster. It was a fun trip, ate a lot and walked a lot in Penang, so tiring. Show was good, met Uglymen from Penang, and a friend Kenny from Penang too. After leaving Penang stopped at… Continue reading Beautiful Junk

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