New syntax for new MySQL

Downloaded new version of MySQL database, version 4.1.12. Just like usual, many new features. When I execute my old PHP programs (version 4), there is an error occured that I can’t connect to my new MySQL database — old password is not usable. After searched the net, found few ways to overcome this as shown… Continue reading New syntax for new MySQL

Unpleasant experience with VB.Net 2005 Beta

Been using VB.NET 2005 Beta for 1 week plus, at first was amazed with the speed and intelligent of VB.Net 2005 that can bring, however after some time, some problems rose. At first it can’t open the design view of projects created in version 2002 and converted to version 2005 once. Then I have to… Continue reading Unpleasant experience with VB.Net 2005 Beta

Visual Basic 2005

Finally installed VB 2005 to my PC, the latest version of Visual Basic, my primary programming language. However it has problem in displaying forms in design time for project i created with 2002. Now I am stuck, coz I’ve upgraded the project to 2005 version and my 2002 can’t open the project converted… Continue reading Visual Basic 2005