Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela

Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela, thanks for your efforts to end the apartheid in South Africa, you have shown that is possible to have racial equality. It’s a difficult process and a lot to be sacrificed, I understand it because in Malaysia also have problem of racial discrimination, especially from some politic parties. 18th July is… Continue reading Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela

Beyond Fans Gathering 2008

It’s been 1 years plus since last KL Beyond fans gathering. This time we had it again, because of the visit of Amelia and Vinny from Johore. At the same time we have guests from Penang too! 😀 This time we had 15 people in the gathering. Co-incidently, the room assigned to us was same the… Continue reading Beyond Fans Gathering 2008

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Beyond KL fans dinner + karaoke gathering

It’s been long time since last Beyond fans gathering at Oct 2005 when Beyond had their last concert over there, and I seldom attend to gatherings since I was a father. Finally we had a little gathering yesterday since our big sister Amelia able to come far from Johor Baru and Angie back from Singapore… Continue reading Beyond KL fans dinner + karaoke gathering

Beyond The Story Live 2005 in Singapore

Just went to Singapore to watch Beyond live in concert last weekend. Some said this will be the last concert since the concert in Malaysia is not confirmed yet. Beside watching Beyond, this can be considered as a short trip to Singapore. I’ve arrived at the Pudu Raya with Ten, met Siew Ting and her… Continue reading Beyond The Story Live 2005 in Singapore

Shopping finally

Have been one month never post a blog… This month was so busy, finishing freelance projects, took MCP exam, company had system test before launching, KLCC fire drill… And finally today have time to go wandering in Mid Valley and Sg Wang. Bought 2 valueable things that light up my day: Beyond The Story Live… Continue reading Shopping finally

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