Police – Our Public Servant?

Police is a professional occupation, they receive salary from the tax money that paid by every single people in a country, to protect the civilians and fight with the crime. So in many countries, police are called ‘public servant’. However, this is not quite applicable in Malaysia. With the high crime rate in Malaysia, our… Continue reading Police – Our Public Servant?

ISA – What the fuck?!!

Although I am busy working until not enough time to sleep, but I still want to write this post to express my dulan-ness. What the fuck?!! Barisan Nasional government has detained 3 people with the notorious Internal Security Act (ISA), they are Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng and Teresa Kok. ISA, such an… Continue reading ISA – What the fuck?!!

Protes Sejuta Rakyat Turun

Just back the people’s gathering organized by Protest. Named “Protes Sejuta Rakyat Turun”, the name kinda weird :-S Well this gathering was held to protest the petrol price hike which brings a lot of big problems to Malaysian. Last few days road blocks were set up by police everywhere in Klang Valley. To avoid traffic… Continue reading Protes Sejuta Rakyat Turun

Sad case

Chee Gaik Yap, 25, newly graduated from UUM, from Sg Petani, was raped and murdered last Saturday. This is one of the raped and murdered cases that happened frequently recently in Malaysia. What have happened to Malaysia? We were once proud with our best infrastructures around the World. However, our mind and culcture here still… Continue reading Sad case

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