Exact ADC Xmas Gift Exchange 2006

Once again my company Exact ADC having Christmas gift exchange to celebrate Christmas. 2 weeks ago, each of us drew a name then bought a gift to the person that we’ve selected, then placed the gift under the Christmas tree at our reception area. So the gift exchange was took place at 22nd December, before… Continue reading Exact ADC Xmas Gift Exchange 2006

Exact ADC Sept 2005 Happy Hour

After one whole month of crazy hard work, finally it’s time for fun – Exact ADC monthly happy hour. This time we had fun at Titan (a new club behind Passion/Poppy). This was also my first test of my new Canon S2 IS camera, still not so familiar with the functions provided, but the quality… Continue reading Exact ADC Sept 2005 Happy Hour

Exact ADC Happy Hour – July 2005

Joined my company’s monthly happy hour yesterday night at Thai Club. Had fun with colleagues, met new friends as well. 3 mugs of beer and 2 shots of Tequila Pop made me dizzy all way from Thai Club to home with LRT. As usual, took some photos, and as predicted, photos took in dark were… Continue reading Exact ADC Happy Hour – July 2005

After the exam

Today finally finished the SQL exam… Not too hard as I imagined, may be I have made myself too cautious before, haha… But this is the first pass, there are still few exams and assignments coming, days still hard… haha… Some photos were captured after exam while doing assignment that just wanna share out 🙂… Continue reading After the exam

End of SQL course

Today finally finished the course on SQL Server, and the exam gonna be at Friday. Too much to remember, been studied much things in 5 days, don’t know how much can recall at Friday… @_@ Select syntax, Stored Procedure, Views, Triggers, Functions, Index, Constraint… Anyway this is the photo taken after today’s class I sitting… Continue reading End of SQL course

New Office, New Environment, New Vision

Finally started working in new office, Exact ADC, at KLCC. Feel fresh, nervours, haha… First 3 months are probation period, at the same time is training period as well. In this training period, we are studying company system, database (SQL), VB programming (COM, ActiveX)… bla bla bla… Just like back to college time because most… Continue reading New Office, New Environment, New Vision

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