Paintball 4

Yes, after 3 weeks of playing paintball, I back to Mudtrekker again for paintball. This time i went with my company colleagues. Thanks to Albert for organizing this event, well done 😉 There were only 11 of us, so it was quite tiring for us to running the whole field. However we still had fun… Continue reading Paintball 4

Paintball 2!!

After 3 months, Rachel’s colleagues organized another paintball session, and this time we have more people than last time, it was 41 people this time! Once again we went to Mudtrekker at Kuang. Rachel and I waited our friend’s colleagues, Kenny Fong and his gang, together with Rachel’s colleague at Pandan Indah before heading to… Continue reading Paintball 2!!

Paint ball!

Today I’ve followed Rachel’s colleagues to play paint ball, the game that I wanted to play around 3 years ago but have not enough people to form the trip. Today we have 16 people including staffs of Macrolynx and their friends (or special friends) for this trip. Rachel and I woke up early for 9am… Continue reading Paint ball!

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